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Silver Rate in Jammu & Kashmir

Today's Silver Rate in Jammu & Kashmir ( 28 Sep 2022 )

₹ 55720

Today's Silver Rate per Kg

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Today Yesterday Rate Change
55720/1kg 55720/1kg ₹ 0

Silver Rate Today

Silver Price in Jammu and Kashmir Today

Silver Price of Jammu and Kashmir - Jammu and Kashmir is bejeweled with snow-capped mountains, stunning, luxuriant orchards, rippling lagoon, and extravagant rich culture and heritage. With breathtaking natural beauty, enchanting tranquility, and vibrant traditional culture, the tradition of handcrafted jewelry is also exquisite and famous. Jammu and Kashmir is called jewelry crown of India, and it has its own way to formulating the jewelry. The skilled craftsmen make ornaments of immaculate precision and remarkable designs. The valued stone studded in the jewelry enhances the aesthetic appeal of the embellishments. The attire and jewelry is not only famous in India; it is acclaimed all over the world. The Jammu and Kashmir silver rate today is the same as that of the national price of silver.

Current Rate of silver

Silver price Jammu and Kashmir is INR 528 per 10 gram. Rate of 1 kg silver in Jammu and Kashmir costs INR 52,810. The women of Jammu and Kashmir love to wear traditional jewelry of gold and silver. The designs of these ornaments are unique, and styles have their own flavors. The circular earrings called kundalas and silver anklets are very popular in this region.

Paper Silver

You can trade on digital silver on National Spot Exchange. This innovative way has opened new avenues in investing in silver. You can invest small amounts and can hold these units in your demat account. To trade, you need to open an account with a member of NSE, you also have an option to take delivery of physical silver. Another avenue in investing in silver is the commodity market. Silver futures contracts are traded in MCX and NCDEX. Before opening a trading account keep tracking, the silver rate of Jammu and Kashmir or aaj ka Chandi ka bhav Jammu and Kashmir or Jammu and Kashmir Chandi ka bhav.

More affordable

Aaj ka chandi ka bhav Jammu and Kashmir ka

Between gold and silver bullion, the latter is cheaper and hence more accusable. Buying an ounce of gold can be very expensive, but buying an ounce of silver is affordable. Silver bullion is more versatile and practical than gold bullion. As silver is cheaper, you get a better percentage of return, when the price of the white metal increases. The first step in investing in silver bullion is to follow aaj ka chandi ka bhav Jammu and Kashmir or aaj ka chandi ka bhav Jammu and Kashmir ka. Check Gold Price in Jammu and Kashmir