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Gold Rate in Lakshadweep

Today's Gold Rate in Lakshadweep( 28 Sep 2022 )

₹ 51145

Today's Gold Rate (22K) per 10 gram

Compare 22K & 24K Gold Rate In Lakshadweep (Today & Yesterday)
Today Yesterday Rate Change
Standard Gold (22 K) (10 gram) 51145 51145 ₹ 0
Pure Gold (24 K) ( 10 gram ) 52145 52145 ₹ 0

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Gold Rate in Lakshadweep Today

Gold Price in Lakshadweep- ETFs best option to buy gold

The cultural and social life of this union territory of Lakshadweep is very similar to Kerala, as it situated nearby it. In marriage functions, many kinds of dances are performed, to name a few Lava dance and Opana. Corals, shells, and oysters are crafted into beautiful ornaments and handicrafts. The food habits of Kerala largely influence the cuisines of this region. Coconuts and fishes are two common ingredients found in the local dishes. The dishes are delicate, spicy, and tangy in taste. Gold price in Lakshadweep increases during the festive and wedding season.

Present market price

The rate of 24-carat gold in Lakshadweep is INR 47,110per 10 gram. The rate of 10 gm of 22k gold is INR 46,110. The gold price is in the upswing from the start of this current year.

Factors which influence the price of gold

In Indian rupee falls against US dollar, then Lakshadweep sone ka bhav, or gold rate in Lakshadweep today increase. International factors like political, economic stability, growth, dollar strength against other major currencies also affect the price of gold. Demand for this precious metal plays a vital role in shaping the gold market rate in Lakshadweep or, Aaj ka sone ka bhav Lakshadweep. If demand is submissive, the price falls, and during robust demand, the price of gold soars.

Aaj ka sone ka bhav Lakshadweep

Government policies also have a significant role is shaping the price structure of gold. When the price of this noble metal becomes scorching, the government implies policies to discourage the consumption of gold. When the gold reserve increases significantly, the government wants to balance it. Very high price of gold is a detrimental factor consumption of gold. The price structure of gold is intricate and depends on various factors.

Safe custody

For safeguarding your gold ornaments and jewellery, you can lease bank lockers. The charges of bank lockers are not meager. Another hassle associated with bank locker is you must access your locker whenever you need it. On Sundays and on in other holidays, you cannot entrée your bank locker. But if you want to hold gold in physical state, bank lockers are the safest option. Another convenient way of buying gold is in electronic form (ETFs). To buy ETFs know aaj ka sone ka bhav Lakshadweep ka. Check Silver Price in Lakshadweep